Drink menu


RIO margarita 12

El Jimador tequila, fresh sour mix, orange liquor, dehydrated lime
Strawberry | Passion Fruit | Mango | Blood Orange – Add $1

Ghost margarita 13

Ghost tequila, fresh sour mix, orange liquor, rimmed with tajin
Strawberry | Passion Fruit | Mango | Blood Orange – Add $1

Coconut mArgarita 12

1800 Coconut tequila, Coco Lopez, fresh sour mix, toasted coconut

Acan margarita 75

Don Julio 1942 tequila, Grand Marnier 100th anniversary, agave, fresh squeezed lime juice



El Jimador 10

Casa Mexico 11

1800 11

Cazadores 10

1800 Coconut 11

Cabo Wabo 12

Teremana 12

Monte Azul 12

Clase Azul Plata 40

Tres Generaciones 13

Casa Dragones 25

Casa Noble Crystal 15

Patron 16

Partida 14

Casamigos 16

Milagro 12

Don Julio 16

Herradura 15

Grand Mayan Triple distilled 25

Savero Plata 15

Tres Agaves 12

Tanteo 13

Ghost Tequila 12

Corralejo 11


Mi Campo 11

Cazadores 10

1800 12

Cabo Wabo 15

Tres Generaciones 13

Grand Mayan 27

Herradura 15

Casa Noble 15

Don Julio 15

Patron 18

Cincoro 32

Clase Azul 55

El Espolon 12

Padre Azul 25

Casamigos 16

Partida 15

El Mayor 12

La Gritona 13

Corralejo 13

Milagro 14



Pelton de la Muerte 12

Bozal Ensable 15

Casamigos Mezcal 20

Del Maguey 13

Ilegal Mezcal reposado 20

El Tinieblo 17


1800 14

Herradura 17

Partida Cristalino 14

Casa Noble 18

El Mayor 13

Maestro Dobel 18

Don Julio 20

Don Julio 1942 62

Patron 20

Corralejo 13

Milagro 16

ExtrA ANejO

Casa Noble Extra Anejo 39

Herradura Ultra Anejo 22

El Mayor Extra Anejo 30

Corralejo Extra Anejo 28

Rey Sol 95

Patron Extra Anejo 32

Sleccion Sup. de Herradura 100

Margarita +2

Margarita w/ Cointreau +3

Margarita w/ Grand Marnier +4

Margarita w/ Grand Mariner 100 +15

Margarita w/ Grand Marnier 1880 +30


Classic Paloma

Casa Mexico tequila, lime juice, pink grapefruit juice, pinch of salt garnished with dehydrated lime

Red Sangria

Red wine, orange liquor, brandy, and fruit juices

SOB Old Fashioned

La Gritona reposado tequila, dash of Angostura & chocolate bitters, splash of soda, brown sugar simple syrup, dried orange

En el Rio

Spiced rum, coconut rum, coconut syrup, grenadine, pineapple juice served over ice garnished with pineapple frond, dehydrated pineapple


Puesser’s rum, pineapple juice, coco lopez, oj, nutmeg, pineapple frond, dehydrated pineapple


Killer Bees Knees

Mezcal, honey, fresh squeezed lemon, served up, garnished with dried lemon dipped in tajin

Sip... Sip... Rosé!

Strawberry margarita served up with a rosé float

Fall Spiced Espresso Martini

Coffee bean infused tequila, Kahlua, chocolate bitters, agave, Monte Brew cold brew coffee, topped with pumpkin spiced sweet foam


Flavored Lime Ricky's

Lime, simple syrup, soda water choice of flavor – strawberry, mango, blood orange, passion fruit

Strawberry Pina Coloda

Pineapple juice, cream of coconut, strawberry puree, charred pineapple wedge

Bottled sodas from Mexico

Jarritos (Pineapple, Lime, Grapefruit, Mandarin) Mexican Coke Cola


Glass 6oz | Bottle

Chloe Rosé
10 | 38

Dry with bright acidity and notes of fresh strawberries and watermelon

Kentia Albarino
12 | 46

Aromas of citrus and minerals with lively Meyer lemon and fresh green apple

Natura Sauvignon Blanc
10 | 38

Vibrant aromatic of lime and grapefruit, with a bright herb and citrus finish


Glass 6oz | Bottle

Poema Cava Brut
12 | 46

Fresh, clean, citrus, and Granny Smith apple aromas

TiAmo Sparkling Rosé
13 | 50

Fresh and rich fruity aromas of apple and pear with a hint of citrus


Glass 6oz | Bottle

Natura Carmenere
11 | 39

An elegant expression of Chile’s signature grape. Cherries, chocolate, and a hint of spice

Trapiche Malbec
10 | 38

A rich, deep colored wine, reminiscent of plums and cherries

Honoro Vera Garnacha
12 | 46

Juicy energetic on the palate, boysenberry, cherry and lavender

DRAft beeR

Stoneface IPA

Kona Big Wave

Bud Light

Modelo Especial

Great Rhythm Mexican Lager

Dos Equis XX Amber

Bottle beeR


Corona Light

Pacifico Pilsner

Dos Equis XX Lager

Negra Modelo MX Dark Lager

Tecate MX Golden Lager